Table 1.

Early clinical studies investigating the coadministration of bovine hyaluronidase with chemotherapy

StudyTrial typeTumor typeChemotherapyNumber of patientsEndpointResults
Klocker et al. (16)Phase IIAdv. SCC-HNCisplatin/vindesine48ResponseCR in 84%, 47% survival >5 y
Baumgartner et al. (12)Phase IIIBladder cancerMitomycin C56Recurrence27% vs. 59% recurrence in HYAL-treated vs. untreated
Pillwein et al. (14)Phase IIMalignant brainCarboplatin/etoposide40Survival3-y survival, 84% vs. 50% in HYAL-treated vs. untreated
Smith et al. (13)Phase IKaposi's sarcomaVinblastine6Toxicity/recurrence0% vs. 50% recurrence in HYAL-treated lesions, no added toxicity
Baumgartner et al. (20)Phase IGastrointestinal and othersAdriamycin and others12Toxicity/recurrencePR/MR in 5 of 12 resistant, no added toxicity
  • Abbreviations: Adv. SCC-HN, advanced squamous cell carcinoma of the head and neck; CR, complete response; HYAL, hyaluronidase; MR, minimal response; PR, partial response