Table 1.

Summary of sequencing results for FFPE samples

SampleTumor typeTumor purity, %PF readsPercent of total PF reads in poolPercent selected basesMean target coveragePercent of target bases with at least 30 × coverage
FFPE 1Colon6011,161,86884645796
FFPE 2Colon108,841,66074835394
FFPE 3Colon2013,047,230104449896
FFPE 4Colon6010,144,56283830095
FFPE 5Breast8016,450,558123647295
FFPE 6Breast7015,188,624114253296
FFPE 7Colon508,480,28263925094
FFPE 8Breast8015,758,604124153796
FFPE 9Colon603,640,23634211686
FFPE 10Colon5014,429,284113641096
HT-29 (cell line)ColonN/A7,519,88065336996
  • Abbreviations: N/A, not available; PF, purity filtered.

    NOTE: Barcoded and pooled genomic DNA from FFPE tumor samples was subjected to exon capture and sequenced in a single 100-bp paired-end Illumina HiSeq2000 lane. PF sequence reads for each sample are shown; the percent of total PF reads shows the relative representation of each sample within the pool. “Percent selected bases” indicates bases that mapped within 250 bp of a target exon, including both on- and near-target sequence. “Mean target coverage” represents the average number of unique reads in which each base was sequenced.