Table 3.

Comparison of OncoMap and targeted exon capture profiling in FFPE samples

FFPE SampleSample typeGeneMutationSeen via OncoMapSeen via exon captureValidated by hMe
FFPE 1ColonKRASQ61HYesYesYes
FFPE 2ColonKRASG13CYesYesYes
FFPE 3ColonKRASG13DYesYesYes
FFPE 3ColonPIK3CAH1047RYesYesYes
FFPE 4ColonBRAFD594GNoYesYes
FFPE 4ColonAPCQ1367*NoYesYes
FFPE 4ColonAPCQ1378*YesYesYes
FFPE 6BreastTP53R248QYesYesYes
FFPE 7ColonKRASG13DYesYesYes
FFPE 7ColonPIK3CAE545KYesYesYes
FFPE 8BreastPIK3CAH1047RYesYesYes
FFPE 10ColonKRASQ61HYesYesYes
  • NOTE: Mutations that were not detected by OncoMap are shown in bold.