Table 2.

Actionable or prognostic genomic alterations in 10 FFPE tumor samples

SampleTumor typeMean target coverageActionable in principlePrognostic/diagnostic
Tier 1Tier 2
FFPE 1Colon457KRAS (Q61H)bKRAS (Q61H)a
FFPE 2Colon353KRAS (G13C)aKRAS (G13C)a
FFPE 3Colon498KRAS (G13C)a
PIK3CA (H1047R)b
KRAS (G13C)a
PIK3CA (H1047R)a
MSH2 (R680*)a
FFPE 4Colon300BRAF (D594G)d
TSC1 (E258*)c
FFPE 5Breast472CCND1 ampb
FGFR1 ampd
CCND1 ampd
FGFR1 ampa
CCND1 ampb
FFPE 6Breast532BRCA1 (2-bp del)aBRCA1 (2-bp del)a
FFPE 7Colon250KRAS (G13D)a
PIK3CA (E545K)b
KRAS (G13D)a
PIK3CA (E545K)a
FFPE 8Breast537PIK3CA (H1047R)bPIK3CA (H1047R)a
FFPE 9Colon116SMAD2 (S306*)b
FFPE 10Colon410KRAS (Q61H)bKRAS (Q61H)a

The level of evidence for each actionable alteration is denoted by the following footnotes:

  • Abbreviations: amp, amplification; del, deletion.

  • a Clinically validated and approved alterations (for tier 1 or prognostic/diagnostic) or specifically targeted alterations (for tier 2), shown in bold.

  • b Limited clinical evidence.

  • c Clinical evidence in a different tumor type only.

  • d Preclinical evidence only.