Table 1.

Patient demographics and treatment

Patient Study no.SexAgePrior treatmentsActive metastatic sitesStage% MART-1+ cellsIFN-γ with K562-A2–MART-1 (pg/mL/106)Peak of MART-1+ T cells, %Persistence of MART-1+ T cells, %IL-2 doses administered, nBest decrease of tumor sizes from baseline, %ToxicitiesResponse at EOS (day 90)Skin and/or hair depigmentationIncreased TIL infiltrates
F5-1M60NoLung, stomach, liver, pancreas, peritoneum, soft tissuesM1c84.32.2 × 10556 (at day 9)18.5 (at 3 mo)12–33Grade 3 rash, NPFPDYesYes
F5-2F46Prime-boost vaccine, HD IL-2Skin, LN, boneM1c74.11.5 × 10559 (at day 9)11 (at 6 mo)6–22Grade 3 rash, NPFSDYesYes
F5-8M44NoLN, liverM1c66.77.8 × 10551 (at day 7)15.5 (at 5 mo)11–13Grade 3 rash, NPFSDYesNA

NOTE: EOS, end of study; F, female; HD, high-dose; LN, lymph nodes; M, male; NA, not available; NPF, neutropenic fevers; PD, progressive disease; SD, stable disease.