Table 1.

Characteristics of mammary tumors developed in Palb2 CKO mice with Becn1+/+ and Becn1+/− backgrounds

Mouse IDBecn1Latency(d)TumorHistology (H&E)ERPRγH2AX8-oxo-dGp53Trp53 mutation
914+/+3831Solid + Tubular+++++++++++++G809A/R270H
949+/+3981Solid + Tubular+++++++++G720A/M240I, G721T/G241W
741+/+4221Sarcomatoid + Tubular+++++++++WT
749+/+4281Solid + Tubular+SF+++Δ985–1089
826+/+4301Solid → Sarcomatoid+++++N.D.
824+/+4311Solid + Tubular++++++++++T391C/F131L
808+/+4501Sarcomatoid + Tubular+++N.D.
882+/+4531Solid + Tubular+++++++++WT
751+/+4561Tubular + SolidSFWT
049+/+4981Solid + Tubular++++++Δ541–546, Δ664–771
912+/+4981Solid → Sarcomatoid+++++++++++C808T/R270C
915+/+5291Solid + Tubular++++++A632G/H211R
742+/+5761Squamous + Tubular++++++N.D.
827+/+608T1Solid + Tubular++++++G829A/R277G
+/+608T2Solid + Tubular++++N.D.
825+/+6371Solid + Tubular++++WT
042+/+6651Squamous + Tubular++No PCR product
747+/+7191Sarcomatoid + Solid+++++++T618A/V206D
907+/−5201Solid + TubularSF+WT
163+/−5221Solid + Tubular++++++++WT
+/−529T2Squamous + TubularSF++N.D.
047+/−5671Squamous + Solid + Tubular+N.D.
723+/−5881Solid + Tubular±++++++WT
119+/−6261Solid + Tubular±+++++WT
153+/−6651Tubular + Solid++++WT

NOTE: See Fig. 1 for definitions and examples of histology and ER, PR, and p53 immunogrades. “±” indicates weak staining in only some areas of the tumors. For γH2AX, “+++”, “++”, and “+” denote tumors in which >30%, 10–30%, and 1–10% of cells, respectively, show ≥3 strongly stained foci or virtually pan-nuclear staining; “SF” denotes tumors in which a single, large focus was observed per cell, which is possibly the inactivated X chromosome. Grade assignment for 8-oxo-dG staining is based on the relative staining intensity, as all positive tumors have more than 60% of cells showing positive staining. Trp53 mutations are shown at both DNA and protein levels, separated by a forward slash.

Abbreviations: H&E, hematoxylin and eosin; N.D., Trp53 cDNA sequence not determined due to poor quality of RNA isolated from frozen tissues.