Table 1.

Pathways significantly enriched among top-scoring SCLC-repositioning hits

Pathway name (KEGG ID)Fold-enrichmentPGene targets
Neuroactive ligand-receptor interaction (hsa04080)6.751.66 × 10−8GABRA1, THRA, THRB, DRD2, GRIN3A, ADRA1, H1R, CHRM5, CHRM4, HTR1A, CHRM3, CHRM2, CHRM1, F2, ADRA1B, ADRA2A, ADRA1A, HTR2A
Calcium signaling pathway (hsa04020)5.993.13 × 10−4CHRM5, HRH1, CHRM3, TNNC1, CHRM2, CHRM1, ADRA1B, ADRA1A, CACNA1A, CALM1, HTR2A
Complement and coagulation cascades (hsa04610)8.31.52 × 10−2F10, F2, F9, F7, PROS1, PROC

NOTE: The unique set of canonical targets associated with the top-scoring SCLC-repositioning hits was evaluated for biologic enrichment in KEGG pathways using DAVID. The enrichment statistic P values were adjusted for multiple testing using the Benjamini–Hochberg method, and pathways with adjusted P < 0.05 are reported as being enriched for targets of top-scoring SCLC-repositioning hits.