Table 1.

Summary of combined molecularly targeted agents with radiation

TargetsAgentsCell typeCytotoxicityRadiosensitizationRef.
CHK1 and PARP1AZD7762, olaparibMiaPaCa-2 (pancreas)+++89
M-Panc96 (pancreas)+++
H460 (lung)++
H460 (P53dn; lung)++++
HCT116 (TP53+/+; colon)+++
HCT116 (TP53−/−; colon)+++
CCL-241 (normal intestine)++
DLD1 (KRASwt/−; colon)++a
DLD1 (KRASmt/−; colon)+++
CHK1 and WEE1MK8776, AZD1775MiaPaCa-2 (pancreas)++++++a
HSP90 and PARP117-AAG, olaparibU87-MG (glioma)nd88
T98G (glioma)nd+++
PARP1 and WEE1Olaparib, AZD1775MiaPaCa-2 (pancreas)++90
AsPC-1 (pancreas)++
AKT and MEKAPI-2, PD0325901MiaPaCa-2 (pancreas)nd++59
MTOR and PI3KNVP-BEZ235H460 (KRASmt; lung)+++86
H23 (KRASmt; lung)+++

NOTE: The degree of cytotoxicity and radiosensitization are denoted by +, ++, and +++, indicating modest, intermediate, and maximal effects, respectively, and −, indicating no effect.

Abbreviation: nd, not determined.

  • aEngelke and colleagues, unpublished data.