Table 1.

Clinical characteristics and MAPK pathway resistance mechanisms in patients with acquired resistance to dabrafenib/trametinib

Dabrafenib dosing
Trametinib dosing
GenderAgePrior systemic therapy for metastatic melanomaStart doseEnd doseBest responseDuration of response, moMAPK pathway candidate resistance mechanisms
Patient 1M72None150 mg BID150 mg BIDPR (−64%)3MEK2Q60P
2 mg daily2 mg daily
Patient 2M48None150 mg BID100 mg BIDPR (−42%)3BRAF splice isoform
2 mg daily2 mg daily
Patient 3M42None150 mg BID150 mg BIDSD (−19.5%)11BRAF amplification
1 mg daily1 mg daily
Patient 4M56None150 mg BID75 mg BIDCR (−100%)18None identified
2 mg daily0.5 mg daily
Patient 5M49None150 mg BID150 mg BIDPR (−45%)7None identified
2 mg daily2 mg daily

Abbreviation: BID, twice a day.