Table 2.

Roles of c-Rel in T-cell responses and transplantation immunology

c-Rel−/− mice (steady state/autoimmune/infection)ReferenceGVHDa (c-Rel−/− or inhibitor treated donor T cells)
Th1Defective∼normal12, 13Decreased
Th2Normal12, 13Increased
Th17Defective12, 19No change
Graft survivalProlonged31, 32N/A
GVHD survivalProlonged (donor T cells)10Prolonged
IL-2Defective (in vitro)7, 8Increased
TE:TN ratioDecreased (in vitro)7, 8Decreased
T-cell activationDefective (in vitro)7, 8Decreased
T-cell proliferationDefective (in vitro)7, 8Decreased

Abbreviations: iTreg, induced Treg; nTreg, natural Treg; N/A, not applicable.

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