Table 1.

Technologies for isolation of CTCs

Underlying technologyRationaleRepresentative platformsSelected references
Antibody captureSelection for EpCAM on tumor cellsVeridex/CellSearch54–56
Microfluidic CTC-Chip59, 60, 110, 111
High-throughput imagingScanning of cells on slideEpic26, 38–41
Physical propertiesDifferential size, density, othersPhysical filter33–37
Density gradient42
Dielectric43, 44
Photoacoustic45, 46
Functional characteristicsProtein secretion, migratory propertiesEPISPOT secretion assay48–50
Invasion assay51–53
Leukocyte depletionNegative depletion of leukocytesBatch cell lysis112–114
Microfluidic CTC-iChip28