Table 1.

Summary of genetic alterations associated with secondary resistance to EGFR blockade in mCRCs

Reference/studyGenetic alterations at secondary resistanceTumor sample typeNumber of patientsNumber of patients displaying more than one genetic alteration at onset of resistance
Yonesaka et al. (35)HER2 amplificationTissue2/2None
Montagut et al. (71)EGFR mutationsTissue2/10None
KRAS mutationsTissue1/10
BRAF mutationsTissue1/10
Diaz et al. (75)KRAS mutationsPlasma9/243/24
Misale et al. (62)KRAS mutationsPlasma and tissue5/111/11
KRAS amplificationPlasma and tissue1/11
Bardelli et al. (38)MET amplificationPlasma and tissue3/7None
KRAS mutationsPlasma and tissue3/7
Bettegowda et al. (77)KRAS mutationsPlasma22/2415/24
NRAS mutationsPlasma9/24
BRAF mutationsPlasma1/24
EGFR mutationsPlasma2/24
Misale et al. (76)KRAS mutationsPlasma3/43/4
NRAS mutationsPlasma2/4
Mohan et al. (74)KRAS amplificationPlasma4/101/10
MET amplificationPlasma1/10