Table 1.

Genotype and phenotype of pB-ALL–bearing Pax5+/− mice

Mouse numberMouse age at disease (months)CD19 phenotypeJak3 mutation in mouseaJak3 mutation (allele frequency)bJAK3 human homologPax5 mutation in mouseaPAX5 human homologJak1 mutation in mousea
1O361 8.8CD19+R653HR653H (50%)R657QS645P
2O388 9.5CD19R653HR653H (11%)R657Q
3S665 6.5CD19R563H (2%)R657QP80RP80RV657F
6S74814.2CD19+V670AV670A (27%)V674AP80LNot described
7W893 9.8CD19R653HR653H (49%)R657Q
8S76715.3CD19+R653CR653C (63%)R657Q
9W63412CD19+R653HR653H (35%)R657Q
  • aMutations confirmed by Sanger sequencing.

  • bMutations confirmed by deep sequencing.