Table 3.

Overall activity and predictors of response

ResponseTime on venetoclax, daysCytogeneticsaIDH mutationFLT3-ITDBCL2 family protein index at screening
Response that met IWG criteria
 CRi170Complex; del(7q)Resistant
Median (range) = 144.5 (83–256)
Antileukemic activity that did not meet IWG criteria
 SDc143Complex; del(7q)
 SD128Complex; t(8;12)Resistant
Median (range) = 117 (86–247)
  • aMost common cytogenetic abnormalities were evaluated for all patients at the investigator sites.

  • b≥50% bone marrow blast reduction at week 5 and recovery of hemoglobin and platelets.

  • c≥50% bone marrow blast reduction at week 12 and recovery of neutrophils and hemoglobin.

  • dBoth with ≥50% bone marrow blast reduction and recovery of a single cell line (hemoglobin).

  • e≥50% bone marrow blast reduction with no hematologic recovery.

  • fFLT3-ITD mutation not confirmed at study entry; assay sensitivity was less than 0.1%.