Table 4.

Clinical response rate (RECIST) by cancer type in patients treated with talazoparib 1.0 mg/day (recommended phase II dose)

ResponseBreasta (n = 14)Ovarian/peritoneala (n = 12)SCLC (n = 23)Pancreatic (n = 10)Ewing sarcoma (n = 13)
CR, n11000
PR, n64220
SD, n53413
Median PFS, weeks34.636.4c11.1NDND
  • Abbreviations: ND, not determined; SD, stable disease.

  • aPatients had BRCA1/2 mutation.

  • bClinical benefit = CR + PR + SD ≥24 weeks for breast and ovarian cancers, and CR + PR + SD ≥16 weeks for SCLC, pancreatic cancer, and Ewing sarcoma.

  • cAnalysis on 14 patients, as 2 patients who did not have measurable disease at baseline were included in the PFS analysis but not in the response analysis.