Table 1.

Dose-escalation cohorts for dual-combination and triple-combination therapies

ENC + CTX, n = 26ENC + ALP + CTX, n = 28
Patient number, nDose of encorafenib, mg qdDLTPatient number, nDose of encorafenib, mg qdDose of alpelisib, mg qdDLT
7200G3 arthralgia (n = 1)8200200None
9400G3 vomiting (n = 1)7300200G4 acute renal failure (n = 1)
8450G3 QT interval prolongation (n = 1)10200300G3 bilateral interstitial pneumonitis (n = 1)
  • Abbreviations: DLT, dose-limiting toxicity; ENC + ALP + CTX, encorafenib combined with alpelisib and cetuximab; ENC + CTX, encorafenib combined with cetuximab; G3, grade 3; G4, grade 4; qd, daily.