Table 2.

Trials combining agents targeting DNA repair and ICB

Study identifierAgentsClass of drugsDesignPatients/estimated accrualPrimary endpoint
NCT02657889Niraparib plus pembrolizumabPARP inhibitor plus anti–PD-1 antibodyPhase I/IIRecurrent triple negative breast cancer (TNBC) or ovarian cancer (OC)RP2D (Phase I)
N = 114ORR (Phase II)
NCT02660034BGB-290 plus BGB-A317PARP inhibitor plus anti–PD-1 antibodyPhase IA/IBAdvanced solid tumorsRP2D (Phase I)
N = 124ORR (Phase II)
NCT02849496Veliparib plus atezolizumabPARP inhibitor plus anti–PD-L1 antibodyPhase II, Open Label, RandomizedUnresectable stage III or IV BRCA1/2-mutated TNBCPFS
N = 90
NCT02734004Olaparib plus durvalumabPARP inhibitor plus anti–PD-L1 antibodyPhase I/IIAdvanced/recurrent solid tumorsSafety and disease control rate
N = 133
NCT02484404Olaparib plus durvalumab plus cediranibPARP inhibitor plus anti–PD-L1 antibody plus VEGFR1,2,3 inhibitorPhase I/IIAdvanced/recurrent solid tumorsRP2D (Phase I)
N = 338ORR or PFS (Phase II)
NCT02571725Olaparib plus tremelimumabPARP inhibitor plus anti–CTLA-4 antibodyPhase I/IIRecurrent BRCA1/2-mutated OCRP2D (Phase I)
N = 50ORR (Phase II)
NCT02953457Olaparib plus durvalumab plus tremelimumabPARP inhibitor plus anti–PD-L1 antibody plus anti–CTLA-4 antibodyPhase I/IIRecurrent BRCA1/2-mutated OCMTD (Phase I)
N = 39PFS (Phase II)
NCT02264678AZD6738 plus durvalumabATR inhibitor plus anti–PD-L1 antibodyPhase IAdvanced head and neck squamous cell carcinoma or non–small cell lung cancerRP2D
N = 114 (all arms, including other combinations)
  • Abbreviations: R2PD, recommended phase II dose; ORR, overall response rate;

  • MTD, maximum tolerated dose;

  • PFS, progression-free survival.