Table 3.

Evaluation of 30-day all-cause mortality associated with additional exposures of interest, as compared with positive (treated) and negative (untreated) controls

Treatment exposureRemdesivir, aOR (95% CI)aHigh-dose sytemic corticosteroids, aOR (95% CI)a
EOI vs. positive control0.41 (0.17–0.99)1.81 (0.50–6.56)
EOI + any other exposure vs. positive control0.57 (0.28–1.16)2.04 (1.19–3.49)
EOI vs. negative control0.76 (0.31–1.85)2.80 (0.77–10.2)a
EOI + any other exposure vs. negative control1.06 (0.51–2.18)3.16 (1.80–5.54)
Positive control vs. negative control1.85 (1.36–2.51)1.55 (1.14–2.11)
  • Abbreviation: EOI, exposure of interest.

  • aPrecision of estimation for this category is poor.