Table 1.

Patient demographics and outcomes

Patient study numberSex (M/F)EthnicityAgeType of cancerActive disease sitesStageNumber of TCR transgenic cellsIL2 dosesDC dosesEvidence of transient tumor responseResponse at EOS (day 90)PFS (mo)OS (mo)Current status
F5-1MCaucasian60MelanomaLung, stomach, liver, pancreas, peritoneum, soft tissuesM1c1 × 10912/143/3Yes by PET/CTPD35Died of disease
F5-3MCaucasian61MelanomaLung, liverM1c1 × 10913/143/3Yes by PET/CTSD786Died of disease
F5-6MCaucasian59MelanomaLung, LNM1b1 × 10913/143/3Yes by PESD34Died of disease
F5-7MCaucasian48MelanomaSC, boneM1c1 × 1099/143/3Yes by CTSD411Died of disease
F5-8MCaucasian44MelanomaLN, liverM1c1 × 10911/143/3Yes by PET/CTSD411Died of disease
F5-9FCaucasian46MelanomaSkin, LNM1a1 × 10911/143/3NoPD320Died of disease
F5-12MCaucasian40MelanomaLung, LNMIVb3.9 × 1096/93/3Yes by PET/CTSD58Died of disease
F5-13MCaucasian60MelanomaLung, abdomen, SCMIIIb4.41 × 1094/93/3Yes by PET/CTSD38Died of disease
ESO-1MHispanic47LiposarcomaRight renal fossa; liver left lobe; hepatic segment; peritoneal, perihepatic noduleIV7.7 × 10828/283/3NoPD2.616Died of disease
ESO-3FCaucasian24Synovial sarcomaRight lung; multiple pulmonary nodulesIV1 × 10919/281/3Yes by PET/CTPR6767Alive with CR
ESO-4MCaucasian41Synovial sarcomaLeft infraclavicular mass; left pectoralis massIII1 × 10918/283/3Yes by PET/CTPD325Died of disease
ESO-5FCaucasian43Synovial sarcomaRight popliteal fossa; lungIV1 × 10914/143/3Yes by PET/CTPR941.5Died of disease
ESO-6MCaucasian26OsteosarcomaLungIV1 × 10914/143/3Yes by PET/CTPD2.519Died of disease
INY-2MCaucasian66MelanomaLN, liverIV1 × 10921/282/3Yes by PET/CTPD36Died of disease
INY-3FCaucasian44Synovial sarcomaRight popliteal fossa; lungIV1 × 10914/143/3Yes by PET/CTPD331Died of disease
INY-4MHispanic24MelanomaLung, LN, adrenal gland, liver, trachea, brainIV1 × 10910/143/3NoPDNA3Died of disease
  • Abbreviations: CR, complete response; DC, dendritic cells; EOS, end of study; F, female; LN, lymph nodes; M, male; mo, months; OS, overall survival; PD, progressive disease; PFS, progression-free survival; PR, partial response; SC, subcutaneous; SD, stable disease.