Table 1.

Ongoing clinical trials involving CRISPR-edited ACT for cancer identifierCompany/institutionCRISPR gene targetsCell therapy detailsSummary/status
Trials for which reports are available
Stadtmauer et al. (35)NCT03399448University of PennsylvaniaPDCD1, TRAC, TRBCNY-ESO-1 TCR T cellsResults demonstrate that multiplexed CRISPR/Cas9 genome editing is feasible at clinical scale and suggest acceptable safety
Xinxin Wang et al.aNCT04264078Xinqiao Hospital of ChongqingTRAC, CD7CD7 CAR T cellsResults demonstrate deep clinical responses and an acceptable safety profile; GvHD was not observed in any patients treated with allogeneic CAR T cells
Lu et al. (29)NCT02793856Sichuan UniversityPDCD1Peripheral blood lymphocytesResults for patients given CRISPR/Cas9 PD-1–edited T cells suggest that CRISPR editing in adoptively transferred T cells is feasible in a clinical setting and generally safe
Trials for which reports are not yet available
NCT03545815Chinese PLA General HospitalTCR, PDCD1Mesothelin CAR T cellsRecruiting
NCT04035434CRISPR Therapeutics AGB2M, TRACCD19 T cellsRecruiting
NCT03747965Chinese PLA General HospitalPDCD1Mesothelin CAR T cellsRecruiting
NCT03081715Hangzhou Cancer HospitalPDCD1Peripheral blood lymphocytesCompleted
NCT04037566Xijing HospitalHPK1CD19 CAR T cellsRecruiting
NCT03690011Baylor College of MedicineCD7CD7 CAR T cellsNot yet recruiting
NCT04244656CRISPR Therapeutics AGUnknownB-cell maturation antigen T cellsRecruiting
NCT03044743The Affiliated Nanjing Drum Tower Hospital of Nanjing University Medical SchoolPDCD1Epstein–Barr virus–specific T cellsRecruiting
NCT03398967Chinese PLA General HospitalUnknownCD19 and CD20 or CD22 CAR T cellsRecruiting
NCT03166878Chinese PLA General HospitalTCR, B2MCD19 CAR T cellsRecruiting